In the spirit of supporting each other in these unprecedented times, we are compelled to give back to OUR Community of Specialty Retailers.

    The Specialty Retailer in YOUR Community has provided you with a DISCOUNT CODE to save 25% on all items available on our website. 
    Enter the CODE at checkout to receive your 25% discount. In return, 25% of your total purchase will be given back to YOUR Community Retailer.
    This is an unlimited offer. Please share this code with friends and family and use it as often as you would like.
    Please note, all returns MUST be received within 30 days of original order so that we can gift your store accurately. 
    If you have any questions about this shopping event please contact your Specialty Retailer or contact Turtleson directly at
    You are welcome to shop the entire collection by using the MENU above.


    Classic Stripe Performance Polo


    All-Day Stripe Performance Polo


    Royal Oxford Stripe Polo


    Baldwin Check Performance Polo


    Classic Stripe Performance Polo - Virginian