Welcome PerryGolf Family & Friends

Welcome to your custom Turtleson apparel shopping experience. As a member of the PerryGolf extended family, we are proud to offer you an opportunity to shop the entire line of Turtleson goods at a 30% discount. In addition, you can choose to have many of these goods embroidered with the PerryGolf logo at no additional cost.

Travel with TurtlesonBegin your shopping spree using the navigation bar above to choose from all of our shirts, pants, shoes, bags, belts, jackets, and more. During checkout, enter one of the private discount codes below to activate your savings AND to indicate your embroidery preference.

Use ONE of the following discount codes...


...to indicate whether you are choosing to have the PerryGolf logo embroidered on applicable goods or not. There is no additional cost associated with this choice, but the order will require an additional 5-7 days of in-house processing regardless of your chosen shipping service. Not all goods are eligible for embroidery (bags, belts, shoes, etc) but we will add the logo to every other piece in your order.

If you have any questions about this site or your discount options, please contact Turtleson directly through the contact link above.