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Turtleson's Innovative Excellence in Modern Sportswear

Precision and quality are paramount in the world of modern sportswear, and we strive for constant innovation in the apparel industry. Our cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices set a new standard for excellence, making us a distinguished operator globally.

Modernizing The Warehouse

We have transformed our warehouse operations with an ultra-high-tech system that
leverages robotics to assist order pickers.

This advanced setup ensures unparalleled accuracy at every stage, virtually eliminating errors.
The result is an exponential increase in processing capacity, handling ten times as many orders per week while significantly reducing returns and errors.

Additionally, we have achieved a milestone in sustainability by making our warehouse and embroidery processes entirely paperless, eliminating the need for print pick tickets and trim sheets, leading to substantial savings in printing costs and resource consumption.

Embroidery Innovation

At the core of our operation is our in-house embroidery system, a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality products swiftly.

Capable of scaling up instantly to accommodate surges in order flow, the system ensures rapid turnaround while maintaining meticulous quality control. For overflow, we employ a completely automated outsourced embroidery system, further expediting product delivery to our customers.

Additionally, our innovative color system intelligently learns each order, enabling automatic color customization for repeat orders, enhancing both efficiency and personalization.

Sustainable Product Innovation

Each product line is infused with the latest innovations in fabric technology that explore enhanced cooling, moisture control, durability, sun protection, and sustainability.

In a move towards greater environmental responsibility, all woven labels are now made from recycled plastic bottles, and hang tags are crafted from recycled materials.

These efforts reflect our dedication to reducing the ecological footprint while maintaining the high standards our customers expect.

We stand out for our pursuit of innovation in the golf apparel industry. Our technological advancements and commitment to sustainability are not merely about keeping pace with the times but about setting new benchmarks.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, we remain a preferred choice for golf retailers across the world, offering products that are as responsible as they are refined.