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What to Wear to the Total Eclipse

By: Leighton H.

An Astronomical Style Guide

Is there anything more embarrassing than showing up in the wrong attire to the decade’s biggest moment in heliophysics?

Trust us: it’s no fun.

Luckily, today we’re here to tackle the age-old question: “How should I dress for a total solar eclipse?”

Whether you’re taking Eclipse Day as a holiday from work, spending the day as an amateur astronomer, or stockpiling supplies for the zombie apocalypse, we’ve curated a few sun-oriented selections for those of you in the Path of Totality.

San Antonio, Dallas & Austin, Texas

Kick off your eclipse experience in the Flint Performance Polo, adorned with a circular sun pattern that's perfect for the warm Texas weather. Lightweight and comfortable, it's ideal for a day under the sun and the eerie grayness of a total solar eclipse.

Little Rock, Arkansas

What better way to observe the eclipse in Little Rock, Arkansas than in a polo named for the Greek god of the sun?

The Helios Performance Polo, featuring a sunburst pattern, is a thematic choice for eclipse viewers a bit further north. Its moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric ensures you stay comfortable and stylish.

Indianapolis, Indiana

For the cooler spring climate of Indiana, the Lester Oxford Performance Hoodie offers unmatched softness and warmth, ensuring you’ll stay cozy as the sun vanishes behind the moon. Its vibrant colors and soft fabric make it a stylish choice for any viewer

Cleveland, Ohio

Choose the Archer Performance Polo for its vibrant color combinations and retro star pattern, making it an ideal choice for watching the eclipse from any location, whether you're loading up on rations at West Side Market or jamming at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Erie, Pennsylvania

Our next pick brings great looks to the Great Lakes.

For the laid-back vibe of the banks of Lake Erie, the Relaxed Turtle Pocket Tee offers comfort and a classic style, ideal for any casual eclipse viewing party or a casual day out.

Buffalo, New York

The Kenneth Solid Performance Polo in long sleeve is a smart pick for the cooler climates of Buffalo. Its moisture-wicking fabric offers both comfort and style for an all-day outdoor event like the eclipse, and the deep navy color will help you hide from the zombies after nightfall.

Rochester, New York

If the lights get low during the eclipse and you spill your Garbage Plate, the intricate pattern of the Aloe Performance Quarter-Zip will help hide your blunder. Plus, when the sun reappears and you’re ready to toast our solar system with a bev at Black Button or 20 Deep, you’ll be warm and comfortable.

Stay Stylish (And Safe!) Out There

As the eclipse journeys across the sky, make sure you're dressed for the occasion with Turtleson. From the sunny south to the picturesque north, our selection ensures you're as memorable as the eclipse itself.

Choose your favorite piece, prepare for the day, and get ready to witness one of nature's most awe-inspiring spectacles in comfort and style. And for crying out loud, don’t look at the eclipse without glasses.

Happy eclipse watching!