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Personalized Service For Time-Starved Men

Personalized Service For Time-Starved Men

We're big fans of the men and women who run the specialty stores that carry Turtleson apparel.

After all, those shopkeepers are the ones taking care of customers in person, making sure they look and feel amazing in their clothes every day.

And guess what? Despite what you may have heard, the internet hasn't wiped out the joy of face-to-face shopping, and men still care about the way they look.

So let us introduce you to our friend Matt Guarnieri from Mac & Clay in Lexington, Kentucky. Even though he's busy dressing clients for horse racing season, we caught up with Matt to chat about his store and his passion for men’s apparel.

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Matt Guarnieri
Mac & Clay

Personalized service for time-starved men

Matt Guarnieri
Mac & Clay

Personalized service for time-starved men

How long have you been in business?

My store Mac & Clay has been open since 2020. I personally grew up in the clothing business, focusing on special events like prom, weddings, and black tie.

What inspired you to open Mac & Clay?

I felt there was a void in the shopping experience for my generation of men. The mall experience with department stores felt overwhelming, lacking expertise. The online experience was a crap shoot in terms of fit and actual color.

Personally, I spent a lot of time sending merchandise back or worse, just letting it sit in my closet. The traditional men's clothing/gentlemen shops felt a little outdated in my opinion. I wanted to create a comfortable, “barber shop” atmosphere and make this experience convenient and well-received.

What sets your store apart from other men's stores in the area?

For Mac & Clay, I believe the difference is the environment. I have established trust and credibility in the community over the past 20 years.

This has allowed me to create an atmosphere that is a comfortable, low pressure & FUN experience. I look at clients as walking into my shop with a problem, and I’m there to help them solve this problem.

Who is the typical Mac & Clay customer and how do you cater to their needs?

On a broad scale, my target customer is 22-60 years of age. The wheelhouse is age 30-50. I found this is the age where time is at a premium due to jobs, children, travel, etc.

My goal at Mac & Clay is to simplify the clothing shopping experience by understanding each client’s style and fit, therefore providing a truly personalized experience.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to improve their personal style?

My first piece of advice to anyone is that personal style is an investment in yourself that can absolutely trickle outward and make a difference in other areas of your life.

Start by meeting with a stylist and let them help you with narrowing down your size and fit preferences.
From there, start with a few foundation pieces (trousers, button ups, polos, quarter zips).

A professional like myself will lead you to (and away from) certain brands to fit your style and fit which will make all the difference in the world in how you feel in your attire. Once this foundation is established, building off this becomes fun and easy and you may even begin to step out of your comfort zone.

You can check out Mac & Clay online or pop in to the shop if you’re in Lexington at 388 Southland Drive in Lexington.

– Thanks for chatting with us, Matt!

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